Cradle from 3SL, the complete Model Based Systems Engineering Toolsuite, specialising in requirements management, requirements capture, model based systems engineering and for systems engineering software, support and consultancy, the logical choice: Cradle from 3SL.
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Requirements Capture

Why Requirement Management?

Requirement definition and Management is an essential first step in any successful project. Getting everything in place and organised before the project rushes into design and implementation allows for all the requirements to be settled, agreed, and sav ave to change later. Traceabilty from end-to-end or from concept to creation, of your project allows you to solve the problems associated with poor requirement management, poor planning, and requirements changing mid-project leading to massive cost overuns.

The biggest reason for the failure of projects is the incorrect requirement capture management and traceability. When different stakeholders change their minds and alter requirements mid-project, if the requirements are not settled, agreed, and managed, then the expense can cripple a project.

Cradle captures requirements seamlessly from Word and other Office applications. It allows you to organise these requirements in a suitable hierarchy, link them to analysis and design phases and functions and processes and trace them thoughout the system lifecycle.

Requirement Capture


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It is also easy to import your requirements data from MS Word and Excel with the Cradle Office Toolsuite.

Consistently deliver the right products better by tracing progress, priorities and risks, communicating changes and tracing requirements from implementation through testing and into the ongoing iterative development loop.

Development lifecycle

With comprehensive item-level edit histories and powerful cross reference linking, the traceability of every part of your project is assured. You can track who, what, where, when and why of every item, every change, every decision.

Once the Requirements are in Cradle, Models can be built to analyse the system and then develop the design in order to satisfy these registered and fully traced requirements. Cradle supports a wide range of Modeling systems:

It is possible to model your system in great depth and from many different angles or points of view. There one can analyse the system, its progress and running metrics identify, isolate and mitigate any risks, threats and problems before they become a big problem.

This is enhanced from Cradle 6.7 with the Cradle Dashboard, which gives you an instant 'traffic light' overview of the whole project and utilising Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) gives you direct and instant access to any problem areas as they first begin to announce themselves. This gives you even greater control over the management of a project.

Getting appropriate output from Cradle is easy too. Cradle can output any level of detail you require in a number of formats. You can run user defined reports outputting to RTF, HTML or PDF. Cradle Document Publisher allows user defined Word Templates to extract cradle data and present it in a professional output document to satisfy gateway reviews or deliverable documentation.

Cradle Web Access provides fully distributed access for wide area collaberation on complex systems, with a fully traced system, everyone can have confidence that their system simply works.


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