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Cradle from 3SL, the complete Model Based Systems Engineering Toolsuite, specialising in requirements management, requirements capture, model based systems engineering and for systems engineering software, support and consultancy, the logical choice: Cradle from 3SL.

About 3SL: Corporate Profile

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Structured Software Systems Ltd. is an internationally acclaimed developer of Systems Engineering products and services. In particular, 3SL has developed Cradle, an integrated environment for Requirements Management and Systems Engineering. Cradle has a massively scalable architecture and is fully configurable to support your project’s processes and needs. Cradle's Requirements Management and modelling paradigms are suitable for the smallest to the largest problems, adaptable to any engineering process, and are particularly applicable in large, multi-organisation, multi-site programmes.

3SL continually collaborates with government and industry to jointly advance information processing technologies in:

  • Database management
  • Requirements analysis and traceability
  • Model-based system design and performance modelling
  • SE management planning
  • Project control
  • Software engineering; and formal engineering documentation

3SL has a highly experienced team of systems engineers, software developers and technical support personnel who can provide specialised support to your SE team in such critical areas as:

  • SE Management Plan (SEMP) development
  • SE process application
  • SE automated tools and techniques application
  • SE consulting, user support and training

3SL personnel have particular expertise in the application of SE in:

  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Process Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Commercial Industries

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