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Cradle from 3SL, the complete Model Based Systems Engineering Toolsuite, specialising in requirements management, requirements capture, model based systems engineering and for systems engineering software, support and consultancy, the logical choice: Cradle from 3SL.

Welcome to 3SL Support

What is a Host ID?

Thank you for wanting to evaluate or buy a Cradle Product.

As part of the order or evaluation process, you will need to enter the Host ID (last 8 hexadecimal digits of the MAC Address) of the specific computer which you are going to install Cradle onto. The Host ID will be used to create part of the security code which ties your Cradle installation to that specific computer.

To find your Host ID for Windows installations:

Download and run the c_hostid.exe utility from here

Unzip the c_hostid.zip file and run the c_hostid.exe file

This produces a dialog window with the Host ID we require to create a security code for you:


For Linux installations:

Download and run the c_hostid.tar.gz and run it as above to detect the Host ID for Linux installations.