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Welcome to the 3SL Privacy Policy


We at 3SL take network security and organisational security very seriously. We believe that keeping our network secure and protecting ourselves and our clients from attack is vital to maintaining our credibility and enhancing client confidence.

Your privacy and security are just as important to us as ours are. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of security and dependability in our infrastructure, systems and processes at ALL times.

We have undertaken an intense security review and changed our policies accordingly. This in addition to a regular, on-going assessment and review procedure.

We are continuously reviewing our policies in this regard and future changes will be implemented without advance notice.

We will take any action we deem necessary to protect our network infrastructure and our client's confidence in our ability to operate a secure, reliable service, free from attacks or infestation.

After the latest review we have implemented the following security policies.

Spam E-Mail and Virus Protection:

The following has been implemented:

  • A dedicated security team involved in an on-going review of all policies relating to all aspects of site and network security.

  • We do not accept email from open relays.

  • All incoming e-mails into the e-mail addresses are now automatically scanned and those that are spam are automatically identified as such.

  • When a spam e-mail is deleted, our mail server automatically sends a 'no such address' bounce e-mail back to the sender - in the hope that this may cause the spammer to stop sending us such e-mails.

  • If the e-mail does not get rejected, then the content of the e-mail is automatically scanned for viruses. This happens inside the e-mail server, before the e-mail ever reaches it's recipient.

  • Our e-mail server will now automatically reject any incoming e-mail that has an attachment of any (but not limited to) the following file types:

    • COM

    • BAT

    • SCR

    • PIF

    • LNK

    • VBS

    • JS

    • CMD

    • VBS

    • ZIP.EXE

    • DOC.EXE

    • JPG.EXE

    • TXT.EXE

  • If a virus is found in the e-mail, it is automatically rejected.

  • On the subject of firewalls, the company has had a firewall up and running ever since we first started hosting on our own server.

Your Privacy:

We have adopted a set of information management guidelines that serve as the basis for our customer and general user relationships. These have been developed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. We take note of advice published from time to time by the Information Commissioner. Accordingly, guidelines are subject to change and any such changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this page without notification.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to

A summary of the measures taken by 3SL to protect our users' privacy is as follows...

3SL may contact you by post or telephone with details of their products, services and promotions. In the case of email this correspondence will only be sent to those users who have opted in to receive communications via these methods.

All our newsletter correspondence includes an unsubscribe option.

What information do we collect?

When you register with us to access our downloads and customer pages; we collect the following data:

  • Your computer's volume ID

  • Your computer's operating system

  • Proposed username

  • Proposed password

  • Title

  • Forename

  • Surname

  • Qualifications/Certificates

  • E-mail

  • Telephone

  • Extension

  • Fax

  • Receive marketing by Email option (Y/N)

  • Industry Sector

  • Company Name

  • Department

  • Project

  • Building

  • Street

  • Country

  • Town/Locale

  • ZIP/Postcode

This information is never shared with third parties unless we are specifically instructed to do so by you. We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and reliable system of interacting with us.

Cookies and the EU cookies law

We do use cookies to enable web-sessions, but we do not store personal or tracking information in these cookies. We do not store third-party cookies, nor tracking cookies nor any other sort of cookie.

The cookies will have the following attributes:

Our native cookies:

Value 86e230bf8cd76a823fba499fe9a20d21
Path /
Secure No
Expires At End Of Session

These cookies are 'first party' (originating from this website) and are solely used to enable the sessions to work and are 'strictly necessary' for the website to allow users to stay logged in to the site, thus satisfying the law regarding how UK businesses and organisations can comply with a new EU law on the use of cookies technology.

The first cookie is a session ID cookie which the server uses to communicate with your browser. This is essential for the functioning of the website.

The EU cookie law, which has been in force from May 2012, comes from an amendment to the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. More details of which can be found here

For a long list of resources of how to delete cookies: Click here. security team.