Checking the integrity of your downloaded Cradle files

Are Downloaded Files Correct?

Want to ensure the files you have downloaded are the original files published by 3SL?

On our website as well as being able to download the Cradle software we supply two text files. These files contain checksums, which are used to ensure the integrity of a file after it has been transmitted from one storage device to another.Screenshot showing checksum download on website

Checksums available on 3SL website


This file contains SHA512 checksums for the files. You can generate a SHA512 checksum using the sha512sum command. For example:

sha512sum Cradle72_Setup.exe

Compare the output to the contents of the sha512.txt file.

Screenshot showing a SHA512 checksum result
SHA512 Integrity Checksum on Windows


This file contains MD5 checksums for the files. You can generate a MD5 checksum using the md5sum command. For example:

md5sum Cradle72_Setup.tar.gz

Compare the output to the contents of the md5.txt file. The md5sum utility is available for Windows from various websites on the Internet.

Screenshot showing a MD5 checksum result
MD5 Integrity Checksum on Linux

New MBSE Reference in Improved 3SL Website

We recently released an update to our website in which all pages have a new navigation bar that contains shortcut icons to move directly to the most popular areas in the site. We also improved the speed with which the website loads, so the main page should now load in one third the time that it used to take.

Most significantly, we have added a ‘Reference’ section that wil contain a range of background systems engineering information, not necessarily related to Cradle. We have begun the reference section with a large volume of basic MBSE (model based systems engineering) information, see here:

in which you will find detailed descriptions of all of the diagram types for the three groups of modelling notations supported by Cradle:

– SysML
– Functional, Architecture, Data, which includes ADARTS, eFFBD, IDEF, SASD (DFD, STD, ERD and so on), architecture (PAD and AID), and many others

Please tell us what you think of the information in this section, and also try our website from your smartphone! We value your feedback!

New MBSE Reference in Improved 3SL Website
New MBSE Reference in Improved 3SL Website