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April 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

Formal Documents - Knowing What You Have Published

As you may know, you can publish complete documents from Cradle using the Document Publisher tool. These are complete Word documents, with cover pages, tables of contents, sections and sub-sections and so on.

You can optionally publish these as formal documents. When you do this, Cradle will:

This way, you can select any item in the database and find a list of which versions of which formal documents contain that item - invaluable if that item is changed - since you know which documents to re-publish.

You can control which items will be included in the list of items that Cradle keeps for each version of each formal document. You may want to record all items that are pubished, or you may only want those items whose contents appear in the document.

You can do this with a runtime parameter that is stored in the template used to define the content and layout of the formal document.

To see and change it:

  1. Start Document Publisher and load the template
  2. From the Tag Definition dialog, select Options > Runtime
  3. Look at the Publishing tab and at the option: Attributes to be published for an item to be associated with a formal document

If you want absolutely every item that is involved in the publishing of a formal document to be included in Cradle's internal list, set this runtime parameter to Anything.

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