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April 2015 [Cradle-7.0]

3SL Newsletter

Upcycling DOORs

A lot of people are into recycling. Upcycling is a term for talking something of less value in its original state and turning it into something more useful. Here is a page dedicated to interesting ways people have used and converted old doors turning them into something stylish and useful. Contact us for a way to upcycle your old DOORs into a brand new Cradle.

3SL to Present at AlaSim Conference

Loyd Baker, 3SL's VP of Technology will be presenting at the Alasim conference in Huntsville. The conference focuses on the advancement of modeling and simulation providing tutorials and industry briefings of real world projects. Loyd's presentation will focus on process modeling and methods for analyzing data. Approvals are being sought for him to utilize a very interesting customer project as an example. 3SL will also have an exhibit at the conference. Click the link above for more details on the conference or email us if you have 3SL specific questions.

Problem with Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader

Cradle contains a feature which allows a user to create a path from an item in a Cradle project directly to a pdf, opening it to a specific page and spot on that page. Adobe installers for X, XI and DC versions have an error which is preventing this feature from working correctly. 3SL is developing an adjustment to compensate for the issue and has identified steps for a manual work around if needed prior to the update being available. Please see the LinkedIn posting for more details or email support for assistance.

New Cradle Single User Pricing

The prices of the Cradle single user packages have increased.  Click here to see the new pricing table. Click here to purchase.

Free Cradle Class

3SL will be offering a free Cradle class at our Huntsville office June 9-11. Please email us to reserve a seat.

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