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August 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

3SL Newsletter

Cradle-7.0 Feature Preview

Over the next few weeks we will be providing previews of new features, the new UI and other points of interest in 7.0 prior to its release. The first of these is for Cradle URL. Click here to find out more...

Phase Hierarchy - Your Process, Your Database - Your UI

We strongly recommend that every Cradle database includes a 'phase hierarchy' to customise the use of Cradle and to 'hide' the details of Cradle terminology from those who are not interested in it - which is almost everyone! Click here to read more on this LinkedIn topic...

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Cradle Training Course

Free Cradle training course will be offered at our Huntsville, AL office. New Dates: Oct 7th - 9th. This is our standard 3-day Cradle User Course covering a broad spectrum of features in Cradle. Contact David Freytag for more information or to reserve a seat.

INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference

3SL has submitted a round the table topic for the INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference based on a question from a prospect. Last November we included a newsletter article on Status and Stability with Dashboard. This seemingly simple question has stuck with us and prompted a lot of thought. Other customers and prospects have expressed the same thought; how do we push for progress and understand status in relation to stability? Join the conversation on LinkedIN and let us know what you think.

American Express will do nicely

We now accept payments on our website from American Express.

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