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August 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

New Feature in Cradle-7.0

Alot will be changing when Cradle-7.0 is released. Some of the larger changes will be the redeveloped User Interface and the addition of SysML within the modelling domains. A myriad of smaller changes will undoubtedly be very useful in your day to day use of Cradle. CradleURL is one such feature. Have you ever needed to point someone to a specific item in Cradle? In Cradle-7.0 you can create a link that will open a specific item or query in WorkBench or Web Access.

Cradle URL

Choosing to create a Cradle URL will bring up a window which lets you set the link for WorkBench or Web Access, open a specific item or the query, and if the link should include just the project code or project code and Cradle username. There is also an option to make the link open the item as read only.

Cradle Interface

The link created can be used as a hyperlink in an email, in a Word document, on a web page, or other message. If you are working on a change to an item and need someone's input; sending them a Cradle URL through Skype or some other method can get you both looking at the same item quickly. Do you need to send an email for your group to review a query with a set of test results? Drop the URL in the email and quickly show which items to consider.

One thing to remember, a Cradle URL pointing to an item in WorkBench can only be opened by a user with WorkBench installed. Those users who you need to review an item without WorkBench should be pointed to Web Access. It could also be helpful to have a guest login for your project that is restricted to read only.This would allow you to send a Cradle URL to those who would not normally work in Cradle and show them useful queries like a nested table showing traceability from requirements to verifications to test results.

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