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December 2013 [Cradle-6.8.3]

Cradle Group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn (see is a popular social networking site for professionals in many disciplines, including engineering disciplines such as systems engineering. Many of you may already be members of LinkedIn and can attest to the benefits of membership. It is free to join. Once you join, you can create connections to other people, exchange messages with them and tell people what you are doing. The more detail you add into your LinkedIn profile, the more connections LinkedIn can suggest for you.

One of the features of LinkedIn is its user groups. There are thousands of groups in a wide variety of topics. Some groups are open so that anyone can join them immediately, whilst other groups will only admit you after approval.

3SL is pleased to announce that we have created a Cradle group on LinkedIn. The group is called Cradle – RM/SE Tool from 3SL.

We would be delighted if you joined this group. We would also be delighted if you encourage your colleagues to join this group as well! All applications to the group will be subject to the approval of 3SL.

To find the group on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Group

The purposes of the Cradle group on LinkedIn are:

  1. To provide a means for 3SL to make announcements to interested people
  2. To allow you to share Cradle-related ideas and experiences with each other
  3. To allow you to suggest ideas to 3SL in a forum that other users can contribute to as well
  4. To allow 3SL to seek opinions from a sample of our users, such as our ideas for new Cradle functionality

The Cradle group on LinkedIn is not a substitute for 3SL Support. That is, we ask that you do not post details of your company-specific and project-specific questions in this group, but instead continue to contact 3SL Support by any of the usual means, which are:

We hope that you will join the Cradle group on LinkedIn and help to make it a lively forum for Cradle discussions!

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