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December 2014 [Cradle-7.0]

Cradle-7 Forms

Forms for an individual item within Cradle have always shown text, frames and categories. A listing of linked items can now be shown directly within a form. To include linked items in a form, click on the Form Details button. Within the definition window, select the position within the form where the linked items should be shown and click Add. Provide a relevant Label and under Data choose Linked Items. The Value field can be selected to show All linked items or other more relevant options such as Cross referenced items of type. These selections allow you to look at a full range or selection of linked items as appropriate for the particular form. The navigation choice also requires thought as to the direction of the links to be shown, whether direct or transitive links should be shown or links of a particular type. The final selection is for the view to be shown within the form. This selection should match the information and types of data you wish to be shown. If you would like data from multiple item types to be shown it is best to use a view defined for all item types as the view will be applicable to all data to be shown.

Form details dialog

The resulting form shows the linked items with the chosen view. The new option of Link Direction can be shown as well.

Cradle editable form

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