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January 2013 [Cradle-6.7]

Loading Internal Document Links

It is common for Word documents to contain internal cross references, for example from text on one page to a section on another page. Clicking on such links will take you to the cross referenced text.

In Cradle-6.7, the Document Loader tool has been extended so that it will now detect cross references within Word documents, and it will re-create these cross references between the items that it creates in the database.

So Document Loader will now automatically link items captured from a document whose source statements contain cross reference fields (hyperlinked or otherwise) implying a relationship between the two items.

The candidate fields must fall within the range of a valid source statement bookmark ( source range), as must the range that it references ( target range). The target range can include the cross reference either wholly or partially. In effect, this simply means that the text which is cross referenced, and the cross reference to that text, must each lie wholly inside something that is being captured. In practice, this is automatically true, because normally entire paragraphs are captured, and hence the cross referenced text and all references to that text, will be entirely within such paragraphs.

A new checkbox called Reproduce document’s internal links as cross references has been added to the Capture Options group in the Capture Document dialog to control this feature:

Document Capture dialog

This checkbox is only enabled if there are any Word cross references between document elements (paragraphs, table rows, table cells and so on) that are being captured. If enabled, it is selected by default. Therefore, the Document Loader tool will automatically create cross references inside Cradle between items captured from the Word document to reproduce the Word links between the origins (paragraphs and so on) of these items.

Therefore, you do not have to do anything to start to use this new feature. By default, this new capability will be used automatically wherever possible.

The Cradle link type (type of cross reference) of the cross references created in the database to reproduce cross references inside the document will be the same as for all other cross references between these types of item. The link types can be controlled in the Document Loader options.

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