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July 2013 [Cradle-6.8.2]

Cradle User Conference

3SL is pleased to announce that we want to host an inaugural Cradle User Conference (CUC) in 2013 and we want you to help us to design the event!

We plan to host this event in Huntsville, Alabama, in the US between 8th and the 10th October 2013. A reasonable fee would be charged in order to provide meals and other amenities during the conference

We expect the conference to have an opening evening reception followed by two full days of speakers, training topics, working groups and similar activities

We think that the conference could include:

  1. Discussion of the latest Cradle release
  2. Presentation of the roadmap for future Cradle releases
  3. A choice of 1-hour technical tutorials presented by 3SL on specific aspects of Cradle, such as:
    • Configuration management
    • Nested tables
    • Document Loader
    • Document Publisher
  4. One or more 1-hour problem-solving workshops where you present your problems in open session and we will work through them with you
  5. Customer papers and/or case studies as 30-minute or 1-hour presentations

We want to know your thoughts and opinions on the following topics:

We want this event to be genuinely useful to you and the only way that this can happen is if you can get involved and tell us what we should provide. So, we want to hear from you!

Please click here to send an e-mail to 3SL containing your opinions.

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