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July 2015 [Cradle-7.0]

3SL Newsletter

Item History Options

There are a number of options within Cradle for saving the change history on items. While it would seem logical that one would want to save all changes to all items, there are a number of scenarios where this may not be the case. Cradle allows control of these options through Project Setup in WorkBench under the Item Definitions Option on the Item Types tab. Each item type can have its own Change History setting, providing for flexibility in how you manage your data.

Setting history options within Project Setup

Highlight an item type in the left hand column and click the Change History button. This brings up the Change History Settings dialog. The options for Change History are: Never, Always, Changing draft items that have a baselined instance and Named category matches specified value.

Change History Settings

Item categories can be useful to define when an item is ready to be tracked. As an item owner, you can set a status category which indicates to the project that the item is stable enough to start tracking the changes. This will allow for those in the approval process for the initial baseline to see relevant change history but not require every change and spelling correction from the initial entry of the item. One process note, if you change the category for that item the history is no longer tracked. For instance, if your schema indicates that the Item Status of Accepted is used to start tracking history and the Item Status is later changed to Disputed, history is no longer tracked for this item until such time as the Item Status is reverted to Accepted.

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