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July 2016 [Cradle-7.1]

3SL Newsletter

Cradle-7.1.1 Released

We released Cradle-7.1.1 on 7th June 2016, an update to the Cradle-7.1 release that added SysML to the MBSE notations available in Cradle's integrated modelling tools. Cradle-7.1.1:

Full details are in the release notes installed with the Cradle-7.1.1 installation. You can download the release notes here.

Security Codes for Cradle-7.1 will work with Cradle-7.1.1. If you have a single-user Cradle-7.1 system, such as Cradle-SE Pro, then you can also upgrade to Cradle-7.1.1.

To get the new release, visit, login to your account and download it from the Software part of the Resources area in our website here.

If you install Cradle-7.1.1 anywhere, please install it everywhere!

3SL at INCOSE International Symposium

3SL will be attending the INCOSE International Symposium held in Edinburgh in the UK between 18th and 21st July 2016. Full details of the event can be found here.

If you are able to travel to Edinburgh, we will be delighted to meet you during the event at our stand B4.

Все части вебинара "3SL Cradle - быстрый старт" опубликованы!

Ссылка на плейлист со всеми частями

В первой части дается введение в демо-проект и интерфейс Cradle.

Вторая часть о том, как загрузить готовую схему проекта и о том, какой самой простой схемой разработки и трассировки требований можно воспользоваться

О разработке и трассировке требований в третьей части вебинара "3SL Cradle - быстрый старт". А также лирические отступления на тему, кому не нужен Cradle и ответы на вопросы участников.

В четвертой части о том, как загрузить дополнительные требования заказчика из документа Word.

Пятая часть познакомит вас с тем, как быстро создать Use Cases на основе новых требований заказчика, загруженных из документа.  А также как оценить стоимость релиза и настроить свое иерархическое представление исходных требований.

Детализируем проектные решения с помощью моделей - об этом в части 6: как создать UML-модель и связать ее созданными ранее текстовыми Use Cases.

В последней 7-ой части можно посмотреть как генерируется итоговая спецификация требований для разработчиков на конкретный релиз

SysML Videos

3SL in the US have posted a series of videos demonstrating the SysML support in Cradle-7.1. This is a single demonstration, split into a series of parts. You can access these videos here.

These videos show how SysML models are built, and how SysML models can be integrated into other information, such as requirements, tests, test cases, defects, issues and risks.

At 3SL we believe that MBSE is an excellent approach to defining the architecture and behaviour of a system (whichever notations you choose to use) but only if it is integrated into all of the other information in your project.

MBSE in isolation is just a collection of pretty pictures!

Controlling Tree Labels

Trees are a common way to explore the information in a database:

Cradle has a default for the labels of the nodes in these trees. This default uses an item’s Identity, Name, Key, Version and Draft attributes. This label may not be what you want to see, particularly if:

You can control the contents of labels in tree nodes. To do this:

  1. Login to WorkBench as a user who can modify the schema and can create project-wide views
  2. Define a new view that lists the attributes that you want to appear in the labels. This view can include any attributes except calculations and frames. Only the first row in the view will be used. Save the view with Project scope, to ensure that everyone can use it.
  3. Start Project Setup from the Project tab, set Options to Item Definitions and select the Item Types tab
  4. Select the item type whose tree labels are to be set and choose your view from the Tree view: dropdown list
  5. Save the schema and close Project Setup

Now when any user sees any items of this type in any tree, the labels for these tree nodes will only contain the information defined by the view.

Hiding Information

You can hide items of information by arranging that a user has no access to them.

You can also hide entire item types, so that all items of this type are hidden from some specific users even if, under normal circumstances, they would have read-only or read-write access to the items. For example, you may want all members of a team to have read-write access to each other’s’ information, except that only some users should be able to see items in the CBS (cost breakdown structure).

You can do this with skills by:

  1. Login to WorkBench as a user who can modify the schema
  2. Start Project Setup from the Project tab, set Options to User Settings and select the Skills tab
  3. Select New and define a new skill
  4. Set Options to Item Definitions and select the Item Types tab
  5. Select the item type to be controlled and choose the new skill from the Required skill: drop-down list
  6. Save the schema and close Project Setup
  7. From the Project tab, select User Setup and for each user who is to be able to see the item type, select that user, select Skills, add the new skill to the user’s user profile and save the profile

Only the users who have the new skill will be aware that the item type even exists in the database. All other users will not see the item type in the Project sidebar, nor in the Item Chooser, nor anywhere else in the UI of any Cradle tool. Also, of course, users without the skill will never see items of this item type in anything that they do in Cradle, including running queries, looking at linked items, publishing reports, generating metrics, graphs or dashboards, or any operations in the CM system.

3SL is Recruiting

We need a software engineer to join the Cradle development team in our offices in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK, to contribute to the specification, design and build of the current and next generation of Cradle products.

If you are interested, please see here where you can download details of the opportunity.

If you have no idea where Barrow-in-Furness is and you are curious, see here!

Open Webinars

We propose to start a series of regular, open, webinars in which 3SL staff will be available to answer your questions about 3SL and Cradle. The dates and times of the webinars will be listed in our website and anyone will be welcome to attend. They will be timed to allow as many people to connect as possible, wherever you may be based. The webinars will be in English.

The webinars will be one hour and can include any technical or commercial topics. We may propose some specific topic(s) for the webinar, but the emphasis will primarily be on an opportunity to get answers to your questions.

If you have any opinion on this proposal, please send us an e-mail here.

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