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June 2015 [Cradle-7.0]

3SL Newsletter

New 3SL Website

As you may have seen, 3SL has launched a new website. Our hope is that this will be a better format, focusing on how Cradle can be of benefit to you and your organization.  Take a few minutes and look through the site. Email us to help us gather feedback directly with comments and recommendations.

Making Data Hidden or Read Only

Hiding Information without Skills

If you want to hide any attributes (categories, frames, or anything else) from users, then the simplest means to do it is:

Note that you can make views and forms specific to an individual user, or a team of users, or all users of a user type. So it is quite easy to have a 'special' set of views and forms for a collection of users that do not show attributes that you do not want them to see.

Using Skills to Restrict Data

Skills are user-defined 'abilities' or 'rights' that you can define in your Cradle schema. You can define a list of skills in the schema, such as 'engineer' or 'accountant' and then you can assign one or more skills to your users.

Cradle then allows you to restrict access to entire item types and to user-defined frames in item types based on skills. This means that:


Make Information Read-Only without Skills

If you want to force attributes (categories, frames, or anything else) to be read-only for users, even when they could have read-write access to these attributes, then you can do this by:

As you may know, the ability to display multiple attributes in a view cell is one of the many new capabilities in the Cradle-7.0 release. In this case, we use this mechanism to display a single value, and use the fact that such 'multiple' cells are always read-only to achieve the effect that we want.

Free Cradle Class

Our next free Cradle class is being offered in Huntsville July 21-23.  This class allows new users to get up to speed on Cradle and those considering a purchase of Cradle to get hands on prior to buying. Let us know if you need more details or would like us to save you a seat.

AlaSim Conference Wrap-up

Loyd Baker, 3SL’s VP of Technology, presented at the AlaSim conference last week on performing time line analysis of a functional model.  During the conference, a professor from a European university indicated he would like to review Cradle for possible inclusion in a book to be published as early as this fall.  If you would like a briefing on doing time line analysis on your models, please feel free to contact Loyd.  We will provide more information on the book possibilities once a plan is solidified.

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