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March 2014 - 2 [Cradle-6.8.3]

3SL Newsletter

XP is dead! Long live XP?

With the imminent demise of Microsoft's support for Windows XP (April 8th), many business are mandating that all computers running XP either be upgraded to a supported OS or retired. Will you continue to use XP past April 8th?...

Finding the right path through the Requirements' labyrinth

Simon Duke and Peter Durant from PA Consulting Group, are experienced business analysts and technologists. From their collective experience developing products, defining business strategies and supporting complex procurement activities they have developed a set of best practice guidelines which should be considered throughout the lifecycle of a project’s requirements. Republished with permission...


3SL will be exhibiting at the INCOSE SEDC conference April 3-5...

Two Types of Backup - Be Doubly Secure

Backup of Cradle databases is an important topic. We believe that there are two types of backup to consider:...

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