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March 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

Increasing Doc Pub Performance

When generating a large document that contains several dynamic tables, we have noticed that the Document Publisher performance can be more sluggish than anticipated. After some investigation, we found that Microsoft Word uses a lot of resources and essentially gets bloated as it runs, therefore taking longer to generate a document in Document Publisher. Sometimes, Word doesn't release these resources and results in slower document generation. This behavior seems to be more prevalent when the user is generating large dynamic tables within their document. In order to assist with this issue, we have included two runtime parameters to reduce the amount of resources Microsoft retains during the document generation. To set these parameters:

  1. Define your template by opening it using Document Publisher.
  2. On the Tag Definition toolbar, select Options, then choose Runtime.
  3. On the Publishing tab, select the option Close and re-open Word during publishing.
  4. Select the option Save published document every # times. I usually set this option to 100.
  5. Save the template and publish.

With these settings selected, Document Publisher will now free up the Word internal resources so Microsoft Word will run faster. Keep in mind that the efficiency of these runtime parameter changes will depend on whether Microsoft Word was retaining large amounts of internal resources during document generation.

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