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March 2015 [Cradle-7.0]

3SL Provides Incremental Release of Cradle

3SL has made Cradle-7.0.3 available through our website. Many companies wait to implement a large release until others have implemented and smoothed the path. Cradle-7.0.3 includes a number of fixes and a few added features to address requests and concerns after the initial Cradle-7 release.

Changes in Cradle-7.0.3

Ability to create alerts when a linked item is modified:

Even if you already use Cradle-7.0, we would be delighted if you upgraded to the new release. If you have not yet upgraded to Cradle-7.0, then when you do upgrade, the version that you will download from our website is this latest 7.0.3 release.

If you already use Cradle-7.0 with a Linux server, then we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the Cradle-7.0.3 release since it includes a fix to a problem whereby CDS Helper processes on Linux may not be removed correctly when the associated WorkBench or web UI closes. These CDS Helper processes are created by, and run on the same machine as, the Cradle Database Server.

We hope that you will enjoy using the new features in Cradle-7.0.3!

All existing customers with active maintenance agreements, and especially those whose bug reports and enhancement requests have been implemented in Cradle-7.0.3, should by now have received an e-mail notification from 3SL.

If you have any questions related to Cradle-7.0.3, please contact 3SL Support at:

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