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March 2015 [Cradle-7.0]

Multiple Values in View Cells

Cradle-7 has an enhancement that allows you to present multiple item values in one field on a query view. Many queries are formatted where fields such as Identity, Version and Draft are in separate fields as seen in the example below from the DEMO database Requirements All query.

multiple queries

For presentation or other reasons it may be best to show multiple pieces of data in one field in a query view. In order to setup this option, go to View Details and select a field in which you will place these multiple pieces of data. The Data option should be set to Multiple and an appropriate title provided. In this example we are going to present the Identity, Version and Draft in one field.

view details

Selecting the Multiple Data Settings button presents a window where you can define which elements are included, what separates the elements and in which order they will be shown.

multiple data cell setup

Select your data element and which separator you wish to use. The options are: none, space, newline, colon, hyphen, period and slash

new attribute

Once you have selected each of your data elements for inclusion click OK.

multiple data cells

The resulting query view will show each of the data elements in one field of the query.

query all

This data can be published to show the concatenated column view.

concatenated column view

Please note that this feature only show the data elements in one field. It does not combine the data elements within the object. Identity, Version and Draft are all still separate fields within the Cradle item. When exported to CSV the data elements are all in one field.

data elements

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