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March 2015 [Cradle-7.0]

False Positive in Norton Antivirus

We have identified another possible false positive virus report about Cradle from an anti-virus product. This time it is Norton 360 from Symantec. The version is, which is the latest release. This product falsely reports a 'Processing security risk Suspicious.MLApp' for the 'Cradle Services Manager' csm_service.exe. This is the Windows service that runs the Cradle Database Server (CDS) and Cradle Web Server (CWS) in Cradle server installations on Windows. Norton quarantines csm_service.exe and does not install it.

Symantec error - CDS add

We are currently contacting Symantec to advise them of this error in their product and have it corrected. It is possible to restore the file from quarantine and exclude it from future scans:

Symantec error - CSM Service

We apologise for the inconvenience that this bug in the Symantec product may cause our customers and evaluators.

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