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May 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

User Defined Start Pages

In this new Cradle release it is now possible to design your own Start Pages. Start Pages provide a range of selectable actions, each of which either displays a PDF file, opens a specific page in the Cradle help, opens a particular dialog or runs a query, report or similar.

We believe that user-definable Start Pages could complement the phase hierarchy by providing easy access to the steps that users need to perform to complete the work for a stage in the phase hierarchy. That is:

User-definable Start Pages could be particularly relevant for different user groups, where users of each user type would benefit from their own, specific, list of actions in the WorkBench UI.

To define a Start Page select Start Page Details... from the Window pulldown menu:

User Defined Start Pages

As you can see the dialog is separated into two sections:

  1. Panels - panels are arranged within the Start Page in a simple layout. Each panel consists of a title and one or more entries.
  2. Entries - entries are the fundamental unit of content on a Start Page. Users trigger an entry to perform some action.

Each entry has a type which determines the additional options applicable to the entry.

start page entry dialog

The types are:

Each entry can also contain an image. This can be one of a set of predefined images or a user-defined image. The New Line checkbox determines whether to display the entry at the start of a new line.

Note: An entry's image and description are both optional but at least one of them must be specified.

An action is an operation that can be triggered within WorkBench. A Start Page entry may be associated with zero, one, or more actions, depending on the entry type. Some actions require the user to make a choice from a drop-down list. Actions requiring a drop-down list are only supported for single action entries. Other actions may be associated with a multiple action entry where they can be invoked in sequence. This allows a single entry to open several query tabs, for example.

start page entry dialog action drop down

The supported actions are:

To view your Start Page press the Preview button.

The following extensions have been provided for user types:

  1. Specify whether the Project sidebar's icon and sidebar will (the default), or will not, be displayed for users with the user type
  2. Specify whether the Query sidebar's icon and sidebar will (the default), or will not, be displayed for users with the user type.
  3. Optionally specify a Start Page to be shown for users of the user type.
project setup dialog

A new user preference has also been added which allows users to optionally control which Start Page is displayed when they login to WorkBench providing the Show Start Page when WorkBench starts preference is selected.

preferences dialog

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