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November 2013 [Cradle-6.8.2]

Cradle Group on LinkedIn

The Cradle group on LinkedIn is a great place to get some quick how to information and converse about planned or needed features. Here are a few recent topics:

Join the Cradle group on LinkedIn to receive notifications of new posts and participate in discussions about what could be in future releases.

Not a member of LinkedIn? Join here. The group is called: Cradle – RM/SE Tool from 3SL.

We would be delighted if you joined this group. We would also be delighted if you encourage your colleagues to join this group as well! All applications to the group will be subject to the approval of 3SL.

The purposes of the Cradle group on LinkedIn are:

  1. To provide a means for 3SL to make announcements to interested people
  2. To allow you to share Cradle-related ideas and experiences with each other
  3. To allow you to suggest ideas to 3SL in a forum that other users can contribute to as well
  4. To allow 3SL to seek opinions from a sample of our users, such as our ideas for new Cradle functionality

The Cradle group on LinkedIn is not a substitute for 3SL Support. That is, we ask that you do not post details of your company-specific and project-specific questions in this group.

In this issue:

  1. 3SL Newsletters
  2. Receive Your Own Newsletter
  3. Newsletter Contents
  4. 3SL Website
  5. Need Help?
  6. Status and Stability with Dashboards
  7. Top Newsletter Articles
  8. New Cradle Products
  9. 3SL Website Shop
  10. Колыбель Викторины в России
  11. Want a Free Training Course in the US?
  12. New in the Cradle Group on LinkedIn
  13. Do You Want Windows XP?
  14. Do You Want Office 2003?
  15. Cradle on Linux
  16. Displaying Diagrams in Web Browsers
  17. Acrobat Compatibility
  18. Mixed Office Installations
  19. Old Versions of Cradle