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November 2014 [Cradle-7.0]

Document Publisher Interface in Cradle-7.0

7.0 provides for a significant upgrade to the user interface for Document Publisher. These changes are designed to make creating, navigating, and updating Document Publisher templates much easier and reflect the input from a number of customers.

Home Screen in Document Publisher

When you first log in to Document Publisher you will see a new Start Page similar to the Start Page added to WorkBench. This provides quick links to frequent activities and documentation that may be needed by a user.

Document publisher interface

Document Publisher Tree and Details Window

On the left-hand side of the window are two new features. The top left is a tree view of the template displayed on the right. This is similar to the tree view one would see in Document Loader. This allows you to see the template structure. By clicking on an item in the tree, Document Publisher will show and highlight the associated tag in the document. The bottom left provides Tag Properties of the highlighted tag and options to change the tag.

Document Publisher interface

Select the Value in this area to see what fields in the tag can be changed.

Document Publisher interface

Many of the fields can be edited directly in the Tag Properties panel. Filters and other details are opened in separate dialogs for you to define the appropriate details.

Document Publisher interface

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