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October 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

Cradle-7.0 WorkBench Toolbar

The menus and buttons from Cradle-6.8 and earlier have been updated to a more modern ribbon look and feel within Cradle-7.0. Through conversations with customers we have attempted to collect functions into logical tabs making the use of Cradle easier. With such a significant change in how day to day activities are performed, we have preserved the original menu options to assist in the transition.

WorkBench ribbon

The high level tabs are

This article describes the Home tab. Future articles will detail the other tabs. The Home tab starts with the access to the traditional menu options. The New Item and Open Item bring up familiar windows providing options for which item type and relationship are needed. If an item is open and being edited the Save Item button will be selectable. The Query and Matrix buttons launch the Query Details and Matrix Details selections. If a query is open the Find function will be available and allows for word-based searches within the active query. Refresh will refresh the active view.

Links section

Just to the right are link options. Starting in the top left is the selection for viewing Navigation Details which shows the navigation selections for the active query. To the right is the Navigation drop down for selecting the direction of the navigation (Downward, Upward, Bi-directional, etc). The second row in the Links section has buttons for Link Details, Hierarchy Diagram and drop down for showing all links or by navigation. The 3rd row allows you to unlink items, make a link from and make a link to an item, and clear to/from.

Text and User sections

The Text section's buttons perform undo, redo, cut, copy and paste functions. The final section is a user area for Preferences and Alert options with options to switch user profiles, log off and exit.

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