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October 2014 [Cradle-6.8.3]

3SL Newsletter

Cradle-7.0 Launch Schedule

3SL is proud to announce the launch schedule for Cradle-7.0. An early release of the program will be available the end of October. This release is to be considered stable and ready for use with live data. Some documentation is lacking and fine tuning may occur. More info

Cradle-7.0 Single User Testing

Do you have a single user package of Cradle? 3SL is looking for a few customers with Cradle-RM, RM Pro, SE or SE Pro to test Cradle-7.0. If you are able to take the early release of Cradle-7.0 at the end of October and perform certain tests, providing the requested feedback, 3SL will provide you a free upgrade to the Cradle-7.0 release. There are restrictions and requirements to be eligible for this program so contact us if you are interested.

Cradle-7.0 WorkBench Toolbar

The menus and buttons from Cradle-6.8 and earlier have been updated to a more modern ribbon look and feel within Cradle-7.0. Through conversations with customers we have attempted to collect functions into logical tabs making the use of Cradle easier.More info...

3SL to Exhibit at the GEO-Energy Summit and Educational Forum

November 12th and 13th in Huntsville, AL. This summit will cover a broad range of energy and geospatial topics such as smart grids, energy production, location intelligence and more.

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