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October [Cradle-7.0]

3SL Newsletter

Walk Across Borders – 3SL’s Steve Monk-Dalton completes his journey

3SL’s Steve Monk-Dalton is back in his office after a journey that was significant both in effort and meaning. Steve walked 1083 miles in 44 days, travelling from Orihuela Court, Spain to the Royal Court of Justice in London, England. This epic journey raised awareness of Parental Child Abduction and Alienation in support of Reunite International. Read the blog of his adventure to see over a 1,000 miles of photos and absorb the impact of relationships and the little things that made this trip both difficult and rewarding. Here is the link to contribute to Reunite International as part of Steve’s effort.

Importing a CSV file with special characters

A number of Cradle users have recently run into an issue importing CSV files with special characters (scientific symbols, equations and the like). After attempting the import the special characters show up as “?” verses the correct symbol. Cradle does support special characters and they can be imported. The underlying issue is the encoding of the CSV file. Cradle utilizes UTF-8 for encoding related to CSV (both import and export). Some other programs use different encoding such as ANSI. There is a simple way to alter the encoding and allow for the import of the special characters. Click here to read more…

2016 INCOSE International Symposium

The 2016 INCOSE International Symposium will be in Edinburgh, UK. 3SL is planning to attend and this time it is a shorter trip than normal with the 3SL headquarters being about 4 hours away by train. Are you planning on attending? Let us know.

Your view on Vista®

Microsoft’s Vista has been around for a long time now. According to Microsoft Vista came to the “End of mainstream support” in April of 2012 and will reach “End of extended support” by April of 2017. Does your company still use Vista or have a plan to phase it out? Do you need Cradle client support for Vista? Let us know.

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