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September 2016 [Cradle-7.1]

3SL Newsletter

Website Changes

We are continually updating our website with new content and new features. At the same time, we try to ensure that the site works well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets, that it loads quickly, and that it is easy to navigate.

If you have not visited our website recently, please go to and tell us what you think here (you might want to clear your browser’s cache first – see here).

History Sidebar

The History sidebar is a useful productivity aid that is available in the WorkBench tool in all single-user and multi-user Cradle products. The History sidebar will remember what you did:

so you can quickly and easily repeat these actions by clicking nodes in the history.

The History sidebar is the fourth button in the column on the left of the WorkBench UI:

History Sidebar

The History sidebar remembers:

To repeat the action, simply double-click the entry in the history. This will either:

Or you can select the history entry, right click and choose Open. To delete entries from the history, select them, right click and choose Delete.

The History sidebar is so useful that you may want it to be the default sidebar when you start WorkBench. If so, select EditPreferences and choose UI Control and select the Sidebar tab:


Here you can also:

Please experiment with the History sidebar and tell us what you think about it here.

Popup Blockers

Many people access Cradle through a web browser, either using one of 3SL’s web UIs or a custom web UI that has been created in-house by their organisation. In all cases, when you login to a Cradle web UI, that web UI will be shown in a new window, a popup.

Since popups are often used to display irritating advertising or offensive content, all web browsers have controls to optionally block popups.

Please ensure that you allow the Cradle Web Server (CWS) to display popups, or you will not be able to view Cradle web UIs!

The normal way to do this is to add the CWS as an exception in the popup blocker rules in your web browser’s settings. Each browser has its own method for doing this. In Firefox, select Options and Content:


and then click Exceptions to add the CWS to your exceptions list, for example:

Allowed Sites

Open Webinars

We propose to start a series of regular, open, webinars in which 3SL staff will be available to answer your questions about 3SL and Cradle. The dates and times of the webinars will be listed in our website and anyone will be welcome to attend. They will be timed to allow as many people to connect as possible, wherever you may be based. The webinars will be in English.

The webinars will be one hour and can include any technical or commercial topics. We may propose some specific topic(s) for the webinar, but the emphasis will primarily be on an opportunity to get answers to your questions.

If you have any opinion on this proposal, please send us an e-mail here.


Common Topics