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Cradle® is our requirements management and systems engineering software tool that integrates your entire project lifecycle in one, massively scalable, integrated, multi-user product.

Whether your projects are small and local, large and distributed, or anywhere in between, Cradle can solve all your agile, requirements management, model driven development, defect tracking and test management needs in one place. With its unrivalled feature set, incredible flexibility, simple configuration and low cost, Cradle is the ideal choice if you are new to agile methods, requirements management or systems engineering.

If you are a veteran, moving to Cradle will bring welcome relief from the constraints of other tools and the difficulties of maintaining links between multiple databases. You will finally be free to fully exercise your engineering skills and do what you do best, be creative and inventive. Cradle will become an integral part of your information security and information assurance strategies.


From Concept to Creation

Requirements Capture

Cradle Document Loader screenshot

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Model Based Systems Engineering diagram

Publish Formal Documents

Document Management diagram



Traceability in Cradle

Video demonstration of traceability features in Cradle, including trees, tables of linked items, nested tables, HIDs and VCRMs

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Viewing and Exploring Traceability

RC074: Explore Traceability

Hierarchy Diagrams

Video demonstrating the creation, viewing and some features of Hierarchy Diagrams (HIDs) in Cradle

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Creating and Using Hierarchy Diagrams

RC075: Hierarchy Diagrams

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Cradle is used by hundreds of organisations in many industry sectors.


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