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SaaS Delivery of Integrated Systems Engineering


Cradle‐SaaS (Software as a Service) can manage data for all of your project phases. Capture data from external documents or tools and track changes to these sources. Build new sets of requirements, functions, components, interfaces, tests or verifications and link them to the source data and each other. Check the quality of textual statements and data structures. Prove information integrity with traceability and coverage analyses. Raise customers’ confidence with proof that your work satisfies its source data, complies fully with its constraints, and will meet customers’ needs. Easily track your progress with metrics and KPIs and link your WBS and actual progress to project planning tools. This can be delivered from a choice of servers, in a range of fixed term subscriptions, each accessed by your choice of concurrent users. The Cradle service provides Cradle directly to your users from a remote environment managed by 3SL in a matter of days from your order, with no software installations, and also needing no, or little, work from your IT.

Full Details

The Cradle service is a self-contained set of Cradle and third party software tools which is integrated with your filesystems and printers. If required you can also link it to your corporate email. The service is both secure and resilient and needs no administration by your organisation. The Cradle service delivers the latest version of Cradle, and related applications, directly to users desktops. Cradle and the other tools appear in windows like any other application that a user runs locally. But Cradle, and your databases, all run on remote servers inside the Cradle service.

You can have any number of databases. They, and the data inside them, are private to you. 3SL will manage the service so you can be assured that is is always available. You can choose a lower-cost shared service or a dedicated service. In the shared service, you share servers at 3SL in the UK with other subscribers, keeping privacy of your data and databases. In a dedicated service, 3SL creates a virtual private cloud (VPC) of servers with a third party hosting provider that are dedicated solely to you and are located in any geographic area you choose.

You specify who is to access the service and the locations from where access is allowed. All access by users from these locations is by web browser over HTTPS secured using 3SLs certificate as a sub-domain of The HTTPS connection is the services only link.

The applications provided include the latest version of Cradle, MS Office 2016 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, also Project, Visio by request), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Mozilla Firefox and text editing utilities.

Automated backups of all databases with a 4 hour RTO (recovery time objective) and an 8 hour RPO (recovery point objective). Backups are held for 8 months.

Full Cradle maintenance services will be provided throughout your subscription, including unlimited technical support.

3SL will actively manage the service and respond to requests and instructions from the lead users that you have nominated.

Choose from a range of Cradle Enterprise systems to provide the capabilities that you need
Choose a shared or dedicated host environment
Specify the number of users that you need to have access to the environment
Specify how long you want the service for
Work in any number of databases
Upload and download data and results easily from your local IT systems
Print directly to your local devices if needed
On-boarding service to help you to start
Off-boarding service to preserve your work before your subscription ends
Add extra terms and change who can access the service at any time

Major Features

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