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Questions and Answers

So you think Cradle might be suitable for your project but you are not sure if it meets your needs?

The questions and answers below may be useful if you are assembling a Request for Information (RFI). Select the questions from the Available Questions sub-sections and drag them to the Selected Questions section. Once you have populated the Selected Questions section press the Generate QandA (Permanent Link) button. This will produce a document with the answers to the chosen questions.

You can save the URL. Press the Printable button to produce a document with the selected questions and answers.

Press the Download as Spreadsheet button to generate a spreadsheet with all the questions and answers that you requested. Or you can press the Download as Empty Spreadsheet button where the questions, but no answers, are produced. This could be used to pass on to other tool vendors for responses.

We hope you find this section useful. If you have any further questions that are not available here please do not hesitate to contact us..

Selected Questions

Available Questions

Click on the   or drag the required questions from one of the sub-sections below into the Selected Questions section above. You can then press on the button below to generate the document. You can also save the URL generated so you can permanently access the generated document.