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Desiree Wick, Framatome

"The customer service is always willing to help, available for any kind of questions and answers fast and friendly. In case there is no straight forward solution the customer service suggests workarounds."

Pavol Hocko, Framatome

"I strongly appreciate your continuous and highly professional support thanks to which we are able to deliver high quality services to our projects and customers."

Jose Andriolli, ADASI

"The support team does an amazing job. Is the better support I ever have in a Software. It was very important decision factor to use CRADLE in the company."

Andy Morgan, Nidec

"When there have been technical difficulties, the staff have been frequently quick, knowledgeable, and able to help restore normal operations. The level of service is above the levels of several large name companies, I struggle to think of what more I can ask for."

Paul Saayman, Incomar Aerospace

"Cradle is very powerful and wide ranging tool, which makes a steep learning curve inevitable. The representatives from 3SL are very knowledgeable and always willing to help, which makes the process much less painful. More often than not the problem lies with the questions asked, and not the answers given."

Paul Clarke, Micronav

"Very happy with the service received from 3SL this past year, and that includes training, consultancy as well as support desk issues."

Stuart Saunders, MTC

Sales and Support - "Quotations & sales support of enquiries & provision of licenses is blisteringly quick. The Tech Support Team respond very quickly & then rigorously progress all support requests & provide excellent attention to detail & guidance that is easily understood & followed."

Training - "Very good presentation of the training. Slide pack modules are great. Trainer was a natural. His experience was also much appreciated."

Becker Vosloo, Incomar

"Excellent course, with attention to detail and a mammoth effort to answer and demonstrate all questions."

Jose Andriolli, ADASI

"You do a wonderful work in customer service! The best customer service I already experienced."

(Professor) Dr Derek Rogers
Head, Centre of Excellence in Autonomous Vessels
Programme and Engineering Manager
Saab Australia Pty Ltd.

"I was looking for a good systems engineering design tool and whilst I knew of a number of tools I came across Cradle, which I wasn't familiar with. I read about the tool on the 3SL website, downloaded the trial and saw enough to convince me to want to explore further.

Mark Walker was very active in that initial support and highlighted that we had local support available through Simon Fearnley and Agile Controls in Adelaide Australia. A webinar was arranged with Mark in the United Kingdom that Simon attended. I had included a number of systems engineers including the Chief Engineer and we were all thoroughly impressed with Mark's knowledge and the capabilities of the tool, not only for design but for the complete Systems Engineering lifecycle and various subtleties linking requirements, design, and test but parametric modelling, configuration management, document generation and engineering and project management support.

We bought the tool, recognising the potential for a substantial productivity gain and improvement in quality. At training session I continued to be impressed as I discovered yet more features of the tool. Consultancy has further helped to configure the tool for our specific needs.

I have been nothing but thoroughly impressed with not only the breadth and depth of capabilities of the Cradle tool, its flexibility, integration, and price (value for money), but in with outstanding pre-sales and post-sales support we have received from 3SL.

I would thoroughly recommend Cradle and 3SL for complex systems engineering projects."

Oliver Daley- Systems Engineer at a comms service provider with 100-1000 employees. (review provided before release of Cradle-7.1 that provides SysML support)

"Cradle has allowed us to provide bi-directional traceability to all relevant data.

Valuable Features:

1 - Total configuration over the projects framework / schema to meet my program requirements or business culture.

2 - Bi-directional traceability, with linked cross referenced parameter rules, tailored to my specific views.

3 - Complete systems engineering tool suite (requirements management, modeling, document publishing, configuration management, etc.) in one affordable product.

Improvements to My Organization:

3SL Cradle enabled my current and former organizations to be champions of requiring and providing bi-directional traceability to all relevant data, from cradle to grave -- the entire project lifecycle -- due to the tools ability to be customized with ease and ability to produce products that builds confidence in project stakeholders.

Room for Improvement:

Cradle provides modelling diagrams that can be created and referenced to relevant data in my project databases. In other words, I can create a use case diagram and reference relevant parts of that diagram to relevant data in my project (e.g. system requirements). Cradle provides around 15 modeling notations (e.g. Data Flow Diagrams, State Transition Diagrams, Use Case Diagram, etc.); however, SysML and DoDAF are not included. In my line of work, Im requested to use SysML and DoDAF to communicate requirements to my stakeholders. An improvement to Cradle would be to include the SysML and DoDAF modelling notations. I hope Ive clarified my feedback review, area of improvements, for Cradle.

Deployment Issues:

No issues with deployment.

Stability Issues:

No issues with stability.

Scalability Issues:

No issues with scalability.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions."

Phillis Gains ‐ contractor at NASA:

"I have been a Cradle user and administrator for 7 years of my over 25 year career as a Software Analyst and Programmer. Cradle is by far a superior systems engineering software tool. Over the years as a Cradle administrator I have utilized many of Cradle's features. I have managed large amounts of engineering data for both NASA and contractors. I can say that Cradle is a very powerful and feature rich engineering tool. The user interface, administrative and development tools, document capture/publishing and modeling capability in addition to the Web interface all make Cradle superior in engineering tools."

John A ‐ defense contractor:

"The power CRADLE provides can be very intimidating. However, with the support of 3SL, we were publishing documents for our customers in two weeks and we continue to migrate all requirements into the CRADLE data base. This is a must have system for complex hardware design."

Laura ‐ contractor at NASA:

"As a database administrator on a large scale NASA project, I have found 3SL to be extremely responsive to their customer needs and always willing to go the extra mile to help ensure their success. Their support has been second to none."

Brad Umfer ‐ In‐Depth Engineering:

"In‐Depth Engineering uses Cradle as its requirements management tool on the development of mission critical systems for the Navy. This includes systems that preset and deploy weapons, and systems that provide critical sensor and targeting information. Cradle's extensive feature‐set allows us to manage, collect, organize, and derive requirements in a manner consistent with the unique needs of every project. Cradle's flexibility allows us to create new requirement relationships to solve unique System Engineering problems. When we need assistance, we do not hesitate to contact 3SL for Cradle support. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and have always been available to help us with our problems."

J Luiz Andriolli ‐ Avibras:

"I want to say that we are very happy with Cradle and the support you give us. Thank you very much!"