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Your Privacy

We have adopted a set of information management guidelines as the basis for our customer and general user relationships. These have been developed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. We take note of advice published from time to time by the Information Commissioner in the UK. Therefore, any changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this page without notification.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed

3SL may contact you by post or telephone with details of our products, services and promotions. In the case of e-mail this correspondence will only be sent to those users who have opted in to receive communications via these methods. All of our newsletter correspondence includes an unsubscribe option.

Internet Interfaces

We maintain a small number of publically accessible IP addresses in the range to Our website is hosted on

All servers behind these IP addresses are protected against intrusion attacks by a variety of methods including IP protocol restrictions, port restrictions, source IP address restrictions and others. All servers are maintained with all applicable security updates.

Some of our services are accessed over HTTPS. Our certificate is issued by GeoTrust, Inc. for * and is valid until 18/04/2017 19:22:10 GMT.


We operate a range of e-mail protection mechanisms including:

  • We reject e-mails from malicious sources using external blocklists.
  • We scan all e-mails using a variety of malware detection and other filters before they reach our network and reject or tag e-mails appropriately.
  • We maintain a whitelist of domains that we trust. This list automatically includes all customer domains.
  • For e-mails that could be allowed to reach their recipient, we divert all e-mails containing attachments that are potentially dangerous or could indicate spam. Therefore, if you send e-mail to 3SL with attachments of any of the following types, it may not be received by your intended recipient: COM BAT SCR PIF LNK VBS JS CMD VBS ZIP EXE JPG

Cookies and the EU Cookies Law

We do use cookies to enable web-sessions, but we do not store personal or tracking information in these cookies. We do not store third-party cookies, nor tracking cookies, nor any other sort of cookie, but third-party components of some of our web pages (such as Google maps) may store cookies.

The cookies used by our website have the following attributes:

Value  86e230bf8cd76a823fba499fe9a20d21
Secure  No
Expires  At End Of Session

These cookies are "first party" (they originate from our website), are only used to enable the sessions to work and are "strictly necessary" for the website to allow users to stay logged in to the site. This means that they comply with UK and EU law controlling the use of cookies and you do not have to accept these cookies when you use our website.

The EU cookie law, which has been in force from May 2012, comes from an amendment to the EUs Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. More details of this directive can be found click here.

For a long list of resources of how to delete cookies, click here.

Please note that in the coming weeks this Privacy notice will change to ensure our compliancy with GDPR