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Project Management

Most projects have a formal plan to manage their work and track progress. This plan divides work into a hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS must be directly accessible to the project engineers, so that:

  • Tasks in the plan can be assigned to project engineers
  • Tasks can be linked to the information (such as requirements, user stories or test cases) to which they refer
  • Individuals can access their personal task lists
  • Actual progress by project engineers can be captured directly into the plan
Project management and Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

This means that you need a tool that can:

  • Define one WBS for systems engineering and project management
  • Exchange data bi-directionally between engineers and project management staff
  • Link this common WBS to the systems engineering information
  • Collect progress information as part of the systems engineering activity directly into the WBS
  • Pass progress information from the systems engineering domain to project management
  • Pass schedule updates from project management into the systems engineering domain

With Cradle you will fully integrate the project management and engineering groups in your project teams and achieve:

  • Consistency: alignment of the structure of the project planning and engineering activities, so that project planning status and the engineering activities are easy to correlate
  • Completeness: this consistency means that project planning's and systems engineering's views of the work to be done are complete, avoiding unforeseen problems at the end of phase gate reviews of the work done and progress achieved
  • Communication: by having a direct link between the systems engineering work and the project plan you improve and streamline communication between project planners and the engineering team of work to be done and its timescales
  • Reporting: since the systems engineering team can directly report their progress in the schedule, regular progress reporting does not become a burden, which ensures that it will be done, regularly and accurately

Bi-Directional Integration

Bi-Directional Integration