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We are committed to your successful use of Cradle and provide a range of support services to ensure that Cradle delivers optimal benefit to your projects. All of these services are available from our UK and US-based teams who work seamlessly together through an integrated support infrastructure to ensure that you can get support when you need it.

We recognise the implications of national security concerns. When required by you, we will ensure that only appropriate personnel are assigned to assist you and we will isolate their interactions from the rest of our infrastructure, including, for example, respecting the data location requirements of the UK, the EU, the US and other states.

Our partners provide Cradle support in their region and their own range of services. They bring the additional benefits of speaking your language and being in your time zone. They have full assistance from 3SL and the complete range of Cradle products.

When evaluating Cradle or using it as a customer, you have access to unlimited technical support to get answers to your questions, report problems or request enhancements to Cradle. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail or, click the Contact link at the top of this page to contact us, or any of our partners.

We will use telephone or e-mail to progress your contact to us. If we need to exchange information, we can provide you with access to the file transfer facility in this website. We will use webinars to shorten the time to resolve your query, if allowed by your company's IT systems.

We produce major releases of Cradle every year. We produce smaller updates every 2-4 months. We provide automated tools to ensure upgrades are installed as quickly as possible. We will support a minimum of 2 years' releases.

Each Cradle release is announced to all customers who have active technical support agreements. We provide closure to everyone who logged an issue with us by an e-mail when your enhancement or fix has been released.

We offer a range of training courses in all aspects of Cradle from beginner to advanced level. Courses are delivered remotely and can also be provided in your offices. We also offer public training courses which can be booked online. Webinar-based training is available. We will also be pleased to create training packages tailored precisely to the needs of your process or project, if required.

We provide a range of consultancy and data entry services. These range from pre-loading Cradle with your data, creating schemas, building custom UIs (phase hierarchies and start pages) or creating custom web UIs, to a full process deployment.

A process deployment is a one week package of training and consultancy. By the end of this week we and you will collectively have configured Cradle to your process so your project work can start in the following week. Follow-on mentoring and further assistance can be added to this initial package if needed.

We produce regular newsletters that are distributed by e-mail and can be browsed and searched within the 3SL Blog.

We operate a Cradle group in the LinkedIn professional social network site. We use this group to make announcements about Cradle in advance of the next newsletter. If you are a member of LinkedIn, then we would be delighted if you decided to join this group.