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Cradle® is our requirements management and systems engineering tool that integrates your entire project lifecycle in one, massively scalable, integrated, multi-user product.

Whether your projects are small and local, large and distributed, or anywhere in between, Cradle can solve all your agile, requirements management, model driven development, defect tracking and test management needs in one place.

Cradle offers an integrated tool chain in a single product on a single database. Traceability across the entire lifecycle is easy. Configuration management for the entire project is easy. Publishing fully tracked documentation for the entire system is easy.

With its unrivalled feature set, incredible flexibility, simple configuration and low cost, Cradle is the ideal choice if you are new to agile methods, requirements management or systems engineering. If you are a veteran, moving to Cradle will bring welcome relief from the constraints of other tools and the difficulties of maintaining links between multiple databases. You will finally be free to fully exercise your engineering skills and do what you do best, be creative and inventive.

Cradle works seamlessly across Windows and Linux. It is simple to install, even through firewalls and in DMZs. Its web UIs are completely user-definable, allowing different environments to be offered to each stakeholder group. It links easily into your existing IT services, including LDAP. It will become an integral part of your information security and information assurance strategies.

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