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3SL Reference - Ada Structure Graph (ASG)

Ada Structure Graph (ASG)

ASGs are used to provide a visual representation of the program units (packages, tasks and subprograms) in an Ada software system.

The structure of Ada software elements is essentially a hierarchy. ASGs allow the software structure to be shown by more than a single hierarchy, by using two forms of decomposition:

  • Multiple ASGs, where some ASG symbols can be expanded into ASGs at lower and lower levels, the successive ASG levels showing more detailed view of progressively smaller parts of the system
  • Nesting symbols inside each other within ASG diagrams

where both of these forms of decomposition have the common concept that a symbol contains the other symbols, and the containment is shown graphically by one level of diagram, or several.

Both of these forms of decomposition can be used in a model. Both forms of decomposition can be used for the same Ada program elements in the same model. This means that there can be several symbols all referring to the same piece of Ada software structure.

ASGs only appear in the Implementation Domain.