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3SL Reference - Architecture Interconnect Diagram (AID)

Architecture Interconnect Diagram (AID)

Contain a representation of the logical structure of a system architecture, consisting of components (can be described and decomposed) and elements (cannot be described or decomposed). Both can be shown as rectangular, triangular and circular symbols, to follow an optional project-specific convention.

Components and elements are connected by bidirectional data connections, representing system buses or point-to-point connections. Two forms of connection are provided, data and signal (primarily for the conveyance of control signals). For low volume connections (conveying few pieces of data and/or a limited number of data packets), the data link or signal link symbols are provided, shown as thin lines. For connections conveying large and/or complex data, the data channel and signal channel symbols are provided, shown as thick lines.

The intention in the AID is that these connections represent logical, not physical, links. They represent a logical grouping of the data that is conveyed between physical components in the architecture. They do not represent a physical connection between these components. The Physical Architecture Diagram (PAD) is used to show the physical connections.

Components are described by equipment specifications and can be decomposed to lower-level diagrams:

  • Another AID
  • A Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
  • A Behaviour Diagram (BD), also called an extended Function Flow Block Diagram (eFFBD)
  • An IDEF0 diagram
  • A UML Use Case Diagram (UCD)

It will be common to have both an AID and a collection of PADs in an architecture model. The AID will show the physical components and the logical connections between them. There will be one or more associated PADs, each showing the same physical components, but showing alternative physical connections (such as a bus or point-to-point links) by which these components are interconnected in that specific topology.

AIDs are hierarchical. Their connectivity is:

Diagram of the hierarchy of Architecture Interconnect Diagrams

AIDs can only appear in models in the Implementation Domain.