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3SL Reference - Physical Architecture Diagram (PAD)

Physical Architecture Diagram (PAD)

These diagrams show the physical structure of some or all of a system at a particular level. The PAD shows the physical flows between the system components at the level of interest.

Every symbol in the diagram represents something physical, including paths through which data passes. Therefore, a data link on a PAD corresponds to a physical interface connection, i.e., cable, bus, and so on.

It will be common to have both an AID and a collection of PADs in an architecture model. The AID will show the physical components and the logical connections between them. There will be one or more associated PADs, each showing the same physical components, but showing alternative physical connections (such as a bus or point-to-point links) by which these components are interconnected in that specific topology). PADs are hierarchical. Their connectivity is:

Diagram of the connectivity hierarchy of the Physical Architecture Diagram

PADs can only appear in models in the Implementation Domain.