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3SL Reference - Software Architecture Diagram (SAD)

Software Architecture Diagram (SAD)

The software architecture design activity integrates the results of the process and class structuring activities. This integration combines both the dynamic and static views of the software system by identifying the interactions between processes and objects in a language-independent fashion. To identify an interaction between a process and an object, examine the process and class behaviour specifications. The process logic documents when a process is activated (i.e. via an event or message) and what the process does. To service the event or message, a process often needs to operate an object by invoking operations that define how the process logic is carried out. During this activity, you create and document the process interactions with objects and their operations. These interactions are recorded in a SAD.

The SAD shows the processes (with communications and synchronisation), objects (with dependencies), and the interactions among processes and objects.

SADs are not hierarchical.

SADs only appear in the Implementation Domain.