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3SL Reference - Package Diagram (pkg)

Package Diagram (pkg)

Model and Package stereotype elements are used to group SysML modelling elements (e.g. Blocks, Activities, other Packages etc.) and diagrams into a logical grouping.

In SysML, each stereotype model element is contained within (i.e. owned by) a single container (i.e. Model or Package). SysML models/packages are similar to file folders. The SysML Model and Package stereotype elements are displayed in the Modelling sidebar and in Package Diagrams (pkgs).

On a pkg the Package symbol is represented as a tabbed folder with the name in the tabbed body.

Package symbol on a Package Diagram

Packages can be organised into a hierarchy by nesting a Package within another Package (Packages within Packages) A Package hierarchy can include multiple levels of nested Packages, meaning that a model element can be contained within a Package that is contained in an arbitrarily number of higher-level Packages.

Hierarchy of Packages

A Package is designed to group any modelling element (e.g. Blocks and Activities) into a logical grouping of some kind. The contained elements are owned by the Package using the «containment» relationship.