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3SL Reference - Requirement Diagram (req)

Requirement Diagram (req)

A Requirement Diagram (req) is used to graphically depict hierarchies of stakeholder needs, requirements and test cases or to depict an individual need/requirement/test case and its relationship to other model elements. Needs, Requirements, and Test Cases are created and managed in Cradle’s powerful Requirement Management (RM) module and cross referenced to the SysML modelling elements.

Example Requirements Diagram

As a project may have hundreds of requirements, there is no value-add to placing lots of requirements on a single diagram. Rather requirements tables are usually used to shown large amounts of data. Therefore the req diagram is most often used to show one or more key requirements along with what they were derived from (stakeholder need, use case, or high-level derived requirement) and which design elements will satisfy the requirement.

Tip: From a requirement or test case you can see which req diagrams they appear on by selecting LinksDiagrams containing this non model item… from the right-click context menu.
Note: If you do not have the required skill to view system notes the content will not be shown in the Requirement/Test Case symbol.