3SL on Social Media

Keeping In Touch

You can reach 3SL in a number of ways on social media. We want it to be as easy as possible to contact 3SL on social media, so we have a number of ways you can follow and stay up to date with what’s going on. These social media sites compliment the direct contact available through website blog and webinarsemail and phone for direct communication.


Our company page on Linked in is 3SL. To follow Requirements Mangement and Systems Engineering discussions along with more in depth 3SL or Cradle articles Join the “Cradle -RM/SE Tool from 3SL group.

Screenshot of https://www.linkedin.com/company/3sl


Follow @threesl on Twitter for hints tips and daily news.

screenshot of www.twitter.com/threesl


If you want to keep up to date via Facebook, we’re 3slcradle.

screenshot of www.facebook.com/3slcradle/


You can view our 3SL Cradle instructional videos on our YouTube Channel.

screenshot of 3SL youtube channel
3SL Cradle YouTube


If you follow engineering topics in one of the Google+ communities, you can reach us via +3SLCradle.

screenshot of plus.google.com/+3SLCradle


Want to chat or mention us? Please use #3SL for the company and #Cradle for product references. Mentioning #MBSE,  #Requirements, #SysML #SystemsEngineering will also help like-minded engineers find your articles. Search for more terms at hashtagify.me