New 3SL/Cradle Overview Presentation

We have released a new Cradle Overview presentation here:

and as a short link here:

containing details of Cradle’s scope, applications, lifecycle coverage and process support, with details of 3SL’s related training, consultancy and web services.

Your opinions and feedback are welcome!

Cradle Overview Presentation

Using SysML in a MBSE Process in the Systems Lifecycle

3SL attended the SEC 2016 conference in Washington at the end of last month. We presented a tutorial on how SysML can be used in a MBSE process that is integrated into the rest of the systems lifecycle, including initial needs and requirements capture and following with links to test and delivery.

That presentation can be downloaded from our website here:

and as a compressed link, here:

We hope that you find this presentation helpful!

April Newsletter is Available

We are pleased to announce that our April newsletter 2016 is available here:

which announces the release of Cradle-7.1 that integrates SysML into the systems lifecycle!

If you have an active maintenance agreement with 3SL, you are welcome to upgrade to Cradle-7.1 at any time, but please remember that you will need a new Security Code from 3SL to use Cradle-7.1!

Cradle-7.1 is Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Cradle-7.1 that introduces SysML into Cradle’s existing modelling capabilities and allows SysML to be integrated with the needs, goals, objectives, user stories, sprints, SBS, PBS, test cases, verifications and validations (and so on…) in the full systems engineering lifecycle.

This is more than mere MBSE. This is lifecycle-enabled MBSE!

Only from 3SL and only from Cradle!

For more details, visit and talk to us at or me at: or contact me through LinkedIn!

If you want to upgrade to Cradle-7.1, you will need a new Security Code as Security Codes for previous versions (such as 7.0 and 6.8.x) will not work with this release. Also note that if you upgrade Cradle anywhere (such as a client or your server) then you must upgrade all Cradle installations.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave up their time in the Beta test programme. Your hard work is very much appreciated!