Cradle-7.1 has been certified for Citrix XenApp 7.6

Cradle-7.1 has been certified for Citrix XenApp 7.6 and can be accessed through the Citrix Ready Marketplace:

Product Details

Cradle-7.1 integrates requirements management and systems engineering with full MBSE (including SysML, UML, BPM) for collaboration in agile and phase-based projects.
3SL’s Cradle is a tool to load, create, inter-link and publish information for all stages in a systems engineering project using agile, iterative or phase-based approaches and using any process. It is completely user-definable, scalable, flexible and secure. It can be deployed locally in your organisation or project, deployed to remote sites or partners, or delivered through SaaS from any private or public cloud. Cradle can support all your requirements management and systems engineering work in one tool, including:

  • Load information from external sources
  • Manage needs, user stories, requirements and a product backlog
  • Analyse the user needs, optionally with models (MBSE)
  • Define the design constraints
  • Define the architecture, optionally with models
  • Create the design, optionally with models
  • Define and track tests, issues and defects at all levels
  • Manage user acceptance and system validation
  • Conduct traceability and coverage analyses across all information in the entire lifecycle or any part of it
  • Publish documentation with user-defined layouts and templates
  • Manage work breakdown structures and user task lists, record actual progress, and link bi-directionally to project planning tools
  • Reuse and share information between projects

Cradle is available as a range of single-user products and the multi-user Enterprise product that adds configuration management, unlimited scalability and floating and dynamic concurrent user licensing. All Cradle products can be customised to your project and to your process. Cradle Enterprise provides additional customisation facilities to replace large parts of the Cradle UI with your own start pages and phase hierarchy that optimise Cradle to your process and your way of working. You can define web UIs for each stakeholder group that present the information needed by each group with the features and controls needed by that group to do their work.


  • Full lifecycle systems engineering environment
  • Completely userdefined database with unlimited item types, items, attributes, data, link types, and cross reference links
  • Manages information source documents, through needs and requirements into architecture and functionality/behaviour to testing, V&V and acceptance
  • Massively scalable for small to large, distributed teams
  • Full traceability from source documents, through any engineering process into all published documentation
  • Usable across all industry sectors and government agencies
  • Can manage contractual relationships in entire supply chain

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February 2017 Newsletter

Happy Chinese New Year

3SL 祝愿我们的所有客户,合作伙伴和供应商2017吉祥如意!

Regulation, Compliance and Traceability from Cradle

Discovery, Implementation, Demonstration, is this really what making a product is all about?

From a product development point of view, Elicitation, Analysis, Specification and Validation may be terms an engineer is more familiar with. However, we work in a world where regulation and compliance are hugely important factors in a product’s lifecycle.

As developers and producers we must discover the sets of codes, regulations and standards that form the non functional requirements of our product. We must the implement the changes to our product design to ensure the end product is compliant. Before delivery we must be able to trace our designs and decisions to demonstrate how we comply.

For further discussion on the parallel paths that a product lifecyle must comply, please read one of the 3SL’s whitepapers here.

Twitter Tips

Thanks to those extra follows from January, don’t forget to retweet whenever you find a tip helpful and keep using those #3SL and #Cradle tags.

Baseline Past and Present

Whenever a project reaches a defining moment it is advisable for the project to be baselined. A line in the sand to say ‘we are at this point’, a point from which further development and changes can stem.

However, sometimes we want to return to and extract a particular baseline, say to use as the starting point for a new project variant. See how to export this information in our linked in article

Cradle is Citrix Ready

Large or complex deployment, centrally managed? A number of our customers use Cradle deployed in a Citrix environment.

Cradle 7.1 has been certified for Citrix XenApp 7.6 and can be accessed through the Citrix Ready Marketplace

False Positives

Any software developers out there? We’re gathering experiences, encountered while developing and distributing software, of the eternal battle between virus protection, legitimate development and malware hackers. Please join the discussion here on LinkedIn or see it in the ‘Cradle – RM/SE Tool from 3SL’ group.

Many Roles

Do you sit as a person with many hats? Today you are Engineer, tomorrow you are QA Manager? In smaller organisations many people find they wear a number of hats, but like to keep their operations separate. Whether this is from an administration and traceability point of view, or just to prevent a change being made to data accidentally by a role with an elevated privilege (think sudo in Linux). It may also be the case that you want all these roles to exist in the future, but while the embryonic project is being set up and developed there is only a small team working on it. These roles are later handed over to new colleagues.

Cradle allows you to set up all the users individually and then provide a common alias or in Cradle terms a ‘Switch Identity’. The user can then switch between the various roles without the more time consuming logout – remember different password – login loop.

This is further illustrated in our LinkedIn discussion.

MBSE Buzz!

Model Based System Engineering is all the rage at the likes of the NASA / JPL symposium 25th – 27th Jan. Why not have a look at Cradle’s New MBSE Reference in our improved 3SL website.

Hints of the Month

Here are some links to helpful topics since our last newsletter, they should improve your Cradle experience:

Need to estimate your hardware requirements over the life of a project see the Database Size Calculator.

Want to show every user a special message before they start? Use the Login Messages and User Acknowledgement facility.

Happy about installing, IT want to know everything is OK, drop in at VirusTotal – see Check Cradle Files are Free From Viruses.

New to managing documents and statements you can Avoid Problems Opening Source Documents and Statements here.

Seeing an odd Word error ? Read all about it Word Error – Ambiguous name detected: TmpDDE.

Don’t worry if you computer raises a False Positive from Symantec and Trend Micro Office Scan.  AV Products will explain why.

The world still revolves round documents (paper or electronic) it’s an easy way for humans to deal with data, from Cradle you can Publish a Formal Document.

Installation issues? A few of articles that may help Installation Issues With .NET Framework, Installation Issue With Windows C Runtime, Installation Issue With Office 2016 / 365 / ClickToRun