How do I manage my Linux Cradle server when I have no GUI?

Managing your Cradle server via Command Line

Quite often you may find that the server machine you install the CDS and CWS on may not have a graphic user interface, in this case you can manage your Cradle server via a command line

How to Install a Security Code

The c_config command allows you to update a Cradle Security Code

c_config -i code
c-config -i BWEr-DSWe...

How to Start/Stop/Restart the Cradle Database Servers

The c_start command allows you to start, stop, restart or test the Cradle Database Server (CDS) and/or Cradle Web Server (CWS).

c_start {start | stop | restart | test} {cds | cws | all}
c_start start cds
c_start startstart cds + cws
c_start start cdsstart cds only
c_start start cwsstart cws only
c_start start allstart cds + cws
c_start stopstop cds + cws
c_start stop cdsstop cds only
c_start stop cwsstop cws only
c_start stop allstop cds + cws
c_start restartrestart cds + cws
c_start restart cdsrestart cds only
c_start restart cwsrestart cws only
c_start restart allrestart cds + cws
c_start testgive process numb of cds + cws
c_start test cdsonly give process numb of cds
c_start test cwsonly give process numb of cws
c_start test allgive process numb of cds + cws

How to Manage Cradle Projects

The c_prj command is used to create, delete, lock and unlock Cradle projects.

c_prj.exe [-create
              -code <projcode>
              -title <project title>
              -path <project location>
              [-pid <project PID>]
              [-schema <schema name>]]
              -code <projcode>
              -password <MANAGER password>
              [-method {all | pdb | reg_only}]]
              -auth <user>,<password>,<projcode>
              [-allow_user <user>]]
              -auth <user>,<password>,<projcode>]
c_prj.exe -create -code TEST -title "Test Project" -path /home/apps/temp/projects/test -pid TEST01 -schema empty

Will create a project with a project code of TEST, a title of Test Project in the /home/apps/temp/projects location with a PID of TEST01 using the empty schema.

c_prj.exe -delete -code TEST -password MANAGER PASSWORD -method all

Will delete the TEST project along with the registry entry, database files and directories.


Linux or Windows

Spot the difference

Cradle is supported on whichever platform your business uses. Cradle WorkBench will run on Linux/Windows  Cradle Database Server (CDS) is equally at home on a Linux or Windows box. Of course Web Access is available wherever you browser runs. As you can see from the screenshots there is no need for users to learn a new UI between versions.

Screenshots in Linux and Windows
Windows or Linux

Convert Later?

Yes absolutely you can convert between versions. That’s great news for your IT department, if they decide to change the server machine they’ll need to port the data across to the new installation and then chat to to obtain a new licence.

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