Checking the integrity of your downloaded Cradle files

Are Downloaded Files Correct?

Want to ensure the files you have downloaded are the original files published by 3SL?

On our website as well as being able to download the Cradle software we supply two text files. These files contain checksums, which are used to ensure the integrity of a file after it has been transmitted from one storage device to another.Screenshot showing checksum download on website

Checksums available on 3SL website


This file contains SHA512 checksums for the files. You can generate a SHA512 checksum using the sha512sum command. For example:

sha512sum Cradle72_Setup.exe

Compare the output to the contents of the sha512.txt file.

Screenshot showing a SHA512 checksum result
SHA512 Integrity Checksum on Windows


This file contains MD5 checksums for the files. You can generate a MD5 checksum using the md5sum command. For example:

md5sum Cradle72_Setup.tar.gz

Compare the output to the contents of the md5.txt file. The md5sum utility is available for Windows from various websites on the Internet.

Screenshot showing a MD5 checksum result
MD5 Integrity Checksum on Linux

What can you get for 249* New Pound Coins?

Starting from £249* for Cradle‐RM Desktop

There are a number of versions of the Cradle single user licence. All the same great product suite, just with different parts enabled. If you have 249* new pound coins you could get your requirements into shape. The new pound coin  was introduced on 28th March 2017. Follow information about it, and other money facts, with the Royal Mint. (#NewPoundCoin) 3SL are quite happy to accept the old coins up until the 15th October 2017. With a little more, your requirements and end to end processing with the Pro version.  Add on further and get the system engineering version, which includes modelling.

New pound coins and vopy or Cradle-RM Desktop
Cradle-RM Desktop Version 7.2

Where Cradle really comes into its own is with the Enterprise version. Licences are tailored depending on the number of users and which functions they need to access. Contact us to discuss your requirements. * Price  March 2017 for up to date prices visit the shop.  


Sept 2017 – Only a month left

Countdown with a month to go – The legal tender status of the round £1 coin will be withdrawn at midnight on Sunday 15th October 2017.

Single User to Enterprise Conversion

Project Grown?

Has your project grown? Is it too big for a single user? Do you need to work in an enterprise environment?

When you first start with a project you may just need one person working away at the initial Requirements (single-user environment). However, when more stakeholders, designers, reviewers and managers join (an enterprise environment) the installation needs to grow.

The good news is that in Cradle this is simply a reconfiguration of your Cradle licence for an Enterprise version and then you can all carry on with the same project.