How to Colour Code Categories and Frames?

Did you know you can Colour Code your Frames to match the Priority you have set in Categories?

To enable this colour code you will need to navigate to Project Setup, inside here go to Item Definitions – Categories. For my example I have used Req Priority, in my Category Values I have :

  • URGENT – Red
  • MEDIUM – Orange
  • LOWEST – Yellow
  • TBD – Blue


Project Schema category colour code setup dialog.
Single Value Category Setup


Ensure you have assigned this Category to a Frame in an Item Type. For my example I have put mine into Item Type – Requirements and the Frame is TEXT

As you can see in my example, whenever I change my Req Priority the text colour changes in “Detailed Description” Frame.

For further information regarding Frames click here

Associated Aritcles

Telling a user story using colour:

Highlight Important Values with Colour

Using rules to set colours:

RAGs from Rule Sets

Article updated 05/12/2018 – Changed to be a FAQ