Disabling Old Cradle Add-In from Excel

Last Updated on 22nd October 2018 by Phil Shaw

If you have upgraded from Cradle-6.8 – when we had an add-in for Excel – to Cradle-7.0, then you will have seen the new, and consierably more capable, capture utility. This new capture utility is shown in a Cradle tab in the Excel ribbon.

If the old Add-Ins tab is still visible, then you can remove it. This may be part of your personal Excel setup and so is in your Windows profile and hence is not something that our installer can change.

To remove the Add-Ins tab from Excel (if you see it):

1. Start Excel
2. Right click anywhere in the ribbon and choose ‘customise ribbon’
3. On the right hand side of the dialog, de-select the ‘Add-Ins’ tab (you can check that it is empty!)
4. Click OK

Image showing the cusomize ribbon window in excel
Customize ribbon dialog

We hope that this helps!

Article updated 13/09/2018 – Added image