Displaying Item Hierarchies

Last Updated on 30th November 2017 by Jan Lamb

You will often want to organise information in a hierarchy. In a hierarchy, each item of information will have a unique Identity, a hierarchical number and (usually) a name. Displaying item hierarchies nicely will help everyone to clearly understand the information and its structure.

For example, here is a (very!) simple collection of System Breakdown Structure (SBS) hierarchies:

displaying hierarchies
A Collection of SBS Hierarchies

This display clearly shows the hierarchical structure of the items, their hierarchical numbers, and their names.

Displaying Item Hierarchies

Hierarchies display items with a label. This label contains the item’s Identity, Name, Version and Draft ID attributes.

3SL recommends that hierarchical items are auto-numbered. Therefore, their Identity will not be the nice hierarchical number that users will want to see. That hierarchical number is normally stored in the Key attribute.

Therefore, we want the labels for items in a hierarchy to contain the Key and Name attributes.

Create a View for Trees

So, your first step is to define a view to show items in trees, such as:

define view tree labels
Define Items’ Tree View

This contains only the Key and Name attributes, and a small text separator containingĀ  a colon. This separator is cosmetic. If you prefer not to have it, then don’t!

Save the view with a simple name such as the item type followed by Tree. In this case, the view name is:

SBS – Tree

Save it as a Project scope view. If you save the view with Project scope, everyone in the project can use it.

Tell Cradle to Use this View in Trees

The final step is to tell Cradle to use the new view when displaying hierarchies of this type of information:

displaying item hierarchies set default view
Specify a View to Show Items in Trees
  • Select Project Setup in the Project tab
  • Set Options to Item Definitions
  • Select the Item Types tab and select your type of information
  • Choose your new view from the Tree View drop-down list
  • Save and close the schema

After you have made this change, all hierarchies of this type of item will be shown using your new hierarchical view.

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